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Atalaia Diving Courses

Diving Education

Education and continuing education
From beginner level up to DIVELEADER / DIVEMASTER

Education directives and safety standards of CMAS - IAC and PADI
(Training RSTC/Recreational Scuba Training Council – DIN-EN / ISO Norm – EUF certificated)

Try Diving

Breathing under water for the first time is an experience which cannot be compared with anything else: find out whether diving is your thing.The necessary knowledge and skills are taught by our specially trained instructors in order to enable you to safely explore the underwater world.
Come on, start your new adventure with us and you will never forget this experience.

Beginners' course / Open Water Diver

You have already taken part in a Try Diving programme once, or you always wanted to learn to dive?
Then the right thing is the Open Water Diver course for you.

First of all it’s important, that you check with your doctor at home on the so-called medical certificate "Diving fitness examination” (DFE). Without such internationally valid certificate we cannot begin the course.

Which course is the right thing for you? Do you want to start your diving career with PADI or CMASIAC? Questions over questions, rest assured that we are by your side in order to clear up all questions. Here’re some information upfront:
The system of all beginners' courses is similar on account of the education directives and safety standards no matter whether you choose a PADI or IAC course. Any course is split up in parts of theory, pool education and open water dives.


The theory part is done in selfstudy with the help of books or online. If you prefer to start you theory lessons at home, you would have the advantage of being able to take things a little easier during your vacation on Madeira. Remember, a dive theory book is around 160 - 250 pages and on vacation you most probably want to relax and enjoy the dive-practice, right? Of course you can study everything at once here while doing your lessons in the pool, however this could restrict you timewise. Or you study the theoretical knowledge completely on your computer or tablet, according to your individual preference. However you do it, up to the end of your diving education you will acquire as much knowledge as you need for the final theory test and this should be no problem for you.

Pool / confined water
Open water dives in the sea:

Also the system of the pool-/ open water dives with PADI or IAC hardly differs thanks to the education directives and safety standards.
The daily routine will dedicate 5 to 6 hours to the practical education, split into a morning session and and an afternoon session. However, the time involved can vary, depending on how you learn and apply the demanded practical skills. We train you to become a responsible diver who takes care of him- / herself and his/her environment. Your dive-instructor will take the necessary time for all exercises and skills you will learn, until you feel fine and have mastered everything. On average this will take about 4 to 5 full days. How many diving sessions you need exactly to master all skills, will be considered by your instructor.
During the training you will put your new knowledge into action as well as the handling of your diving equipment and the technology. Of course, you and your dive-instructor will have a lot of fun too.
After ending your course we recommend to continue diving with us. It strengthens the acquired knowledge of the course, you get to make further diving experiences and you get to know other divers with whom you experience other open water dives – either as buddy-team or with our competent dive guides or dive-instructors.
We support you and therefore we offer special prices for additional dives after the course.

Other important tips:

Weather-conditioned delays of course have an impact on the course and the duration of the course, therefore, we recommend to plan maybe not only a 7-day Madeira-vacation, but a little longer. The island is wonderful and maybe you want to explore some other parts of the island as well.
In the off-season you will more likely have the chance of an individual education with a dive-instructor/student-ratio 1:1 (single education) without add-on costs.
We only ask for advance booking, which makes it easier to plan for a single course. Bookings made in advance will always have priority: first come, first dive.

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