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Atalaia Diving Center

• Do I need a certification for diving? Yes.

• Which? First of all, bring what you have. You can dive with every certification. IAC / CMAS / PADI / SSI / BSAC / SDI / TDI ,....

• Do I have to bring my logbook? If you have one then yes please. Whether it is written or digital.

• Do I need a Diving Fitness Examination (DFE)?It goes without saying that every diver should have a so-called DFE

• I have no certification! What can I do? We have a program called try dive.

• What is try dive? Breathing under water for the first time is an experience which cannot be compared with anything else: find out whether diving is your thing. The necessary knowledge and skills are taught by our specially trained instructors in order to enable you to safely explore the underwater world. Come on, start your new adventure with us and you will never forget this experience. It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours with theory, pool and diving in the sea. Monday to Saturday at 11: 00h, reservation required, weather dependent.

• Do I need a Diving Fitness Examination (DFE) for the try dive? No. You fill in the Dive Center a so-called self- information, if there are no medical problems, you can truthfully answer all questions with NO, go! However, if a question is answered with a YES, you have to go to the doctor!

• If I liked the try diving, can I do a diving course afterwards? Only if you have a DFE and if your wish does not already overlap with pre-booked courses.

• How many days does the Open Water Diver Course take? On average, it takes 4 to 5 full days. How many scuba diving lessons each person will take to reach the finish will be measured by the qualified instructor individually. From 09:00h to 17:00h. The same applies to any courses with us.

• Further courses? Yes, we also offer, it takes 1 to 4 days. Advanced Open Water Diver, Master Diver, Dive Leader, Dive Leader Professional (5-6 months).

• Do I need insurance? Question: is your car insured? Household / liability insurance, etc. you have insurance for everything else, why not diving! :-)

• What's the weather like? In Madeira, the sun is almost always out! Whether in the south or north, whether in the east or west. That changes constantly and daily. Is just like Hamburg / Munich, Cologne and Berlin. We always check here: https://www.windy.com

• Water temperature? In winter (March - April 17 to 18 C) In summer (August - September 23 to 24 C) otherwise in between.

• Thermocline? No, we do not have one.

• Which suit do I need, 5 - 7 mm? Depends on how cold- sensitive you are and when you come. In winter rather 7 mm in summer maybe 5 mm. We have divers diving in a shorty or in a drysuit. Our staff dives in 7 mm semi-dry, for rental we have SCUBAPRO Oneflex 7 mm wetsuits.

• Weight belt? Our jackets in rental of SCUBAPRO x-one have lead integrated pockets, very comfortable.

• DIN or INT? Both.

• Double valve? No.

• Steel or aluminum tank? Steel: 7 l, 10 l, 12 l short/long and 15l.

• 15l extra costs? No.

• Check Dive? A check dive is done with each diver. This includes the skill Out-of-Air Situation and mask flooding & clearing. After the exercises, the dive continues immediately. No extra costs like in Egypt, but of course you pay for a dive!

• Boat dives? Yes, but not everyday! We have the most beautiful and largest house reef in Madeira and do not have to go out by boat every day.

• Does boat diving cost extra? Seriously, okay? ! It depends on the distance. Prices can be found on our web site: https://www.atalaia-madeira.com/atalaia-s-world/prices.html

• When by boat? Depending on the weather and the guests. Basically one morning dive and one in the afternoon. No 2 tank dives! The women need to go to the bathroom eventually.

• Where? Depending on the weather and the guests. Not every dive site is suitable for beginners! Ultimately, we decide if we can take you. https://www.atalaia-madeira.com/atalaia-s-world/diving-places.html

• Do I need a torch and a surface marker buoy? Yes, on the boat it is mandatory, as well as a computer.

• Wreck diving? Depending on the weather and the guests. :-)

• Islands Desertas? Yes, depending on the weather and the guests. :-) You will receive more information by mail.

• Do you have fixed days for the boat? No, see Wreck Diving, Where, When ...

• National Park fee? Due when diving there. 3 € per person and dive.

• Do I have to make a reservation? It's nice if you contact us in advance. Makes everything easier! For you and for us! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• How much does a dive cost? See website: https://www.atalaia-madeira.com/atalaia-s-world/prices.html

• Payment? Cash / EC / Maestro / Credit Card, anything is possible.

• Opening hours? 09:00h to 17:00h. Closed on Sundays.

• When are the dives? Meeting at the Dive Center at 09:00h or 14:00h.

• How long are the dives? Until you reach 50bar :-)

• How long does it takes to get to the Dive Center from Klenks Cafe? 8 min downhill, 12min uphill.

• And the equipment? We transport it by car.

• I still have a question ... Please send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you.

Restaurant & Pension Klenks Café

Pick-up Airport Transfer to Klenks Cafe: A driver will pick you up at the airport with a sign Klenks Cafe & Atalaia Diving Center. Emergency number of André Klenk is: +351 927 104 749

Breakfast starts at 08:00h, Tuesdays the restaurant is closed, but there is plenty of breakfast!

Payment: Cash / EC / Maestro / Credit Card, anything is possible.

Delicious regional food, specialties and for the typical German also a „Schnitzel". If you have any food intolerances or if you are vegan, just ask locally. Also very yummy: THE house beer !!!

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