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Welcome to the Atalaia’s World - Madeira Island

You are about to experience excitement and adventure – the underwater world. As a diver you know the diversity of aquatic life, come and discover a world of unique beauty. The oceans hide underwater habitats that will fascinate you for the rest of your life.

Diving with “Atalaia” professionals on Madeira Island will give you the necessary knowledge and skills needed for you to visit the underwater world safely. Under constant professional supervision, you will have a wonderful underwater experience.

 At first it feels strange. The mask. The cumbersome equipment, a little heavy. Walk slowly in the water and your face is submerged. Inhale; the air comes with a reassuring hiss and for the first time, you breathe under water. Within minutes, you forget the mask. The equipment will be light and agile and you will feel free like never before. With the first breath under water, the door to a different world opens up. A diferent world, yes, but oh so captivating and fascinating.

Open this door and swim inside. Your life will never be the same again.

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